Advertising on the Internet


So you want to start up a website to make some money for your pocketbook to help yourself out in your Golden Years. Now you’ve made your website with Domain Name next comes a WordPress in order to input some items you might want to sell on your website, then you create a C-Panel that will hold all of your valuable info that goes into your website. Now you create user names and passwords so only you will know what they are, so you can keep a written record of them. Then after all of that hard work you’ve done you’ll need to have a back-up plan in case your computer crashes and you won’t lose that data you have on your computer. Now comes the idea of advertising and where to do that because if you buy advertising it can be very expensive.

Now we get to advertise for FREE if you want to on Traffic Exchanges. Then if you like what they have to offer and you establish good repro with the owner then you can upgrade or buy a lifetime at their Traffic Exchange. You can join a lot of those Traffic Exchanges because there are thousands of them out there. That way you can advertise your website, your blog if you have one and other TE’s if you want to so you get referrals that are interested in checking out your website and their websites, also.

Now come E-mailers which come in all kinds: there are safelists that offer upgrades in different levels and lifetime levels, then you have viral mailers which also have the different levels upgrades & lifetime. Most all mailers are worldwide and that’s what you for your website to be seen all over the world. So come and checkout my new personal blog Susan’s Blog.