How To Sell Advertising to Non-Members



home based businessDid you know your TOAN account supports up to 50 advertising spots?  That’s 50 online advertising spots available for you to use to promote your businesses AND/OR sell to local businesses in your area.

What I did, recently, was reach out to a few businesses in my area. I told them I could run an ad test for them for 30 days to let them see if we could get more visitors to their web site. The cost would be $5.00.

You can set any price you like, of course, but think of it like this:

If you’re running just 5 ads in your account for your own business, you have 45 potential profit centers available to you. Sell those at just $5 per spot and that’s another $225 per month coming to you from advertisers you sell individual ad spots to. (45 x $5 = $225).

You may even want to let some businesses try a free ad spot for 30 days and, if they get visitors from the ad to their site, upgrade them to a $5 ad or even a $10 ad. (45 x $10 = $450).

It doesn’t have to get complicated. Tell your local business person, or a business person you met online, that you can promote their business on a rather highly visited web site. Collect the check or paypal, payza, etc… and set up the ad for them. You can do this month after month. Some of your advertisers will repeat their advertising spend monthly.

Your customers pay you directly. You can set up text ads or banner ads. If you know how to create banner ads, charge your customers and create the banners for them. If you don’t, you can buy banner ads from other services and add some profit to the price you charge your customers.

What does all this mean for you?

You can, of course, use all 50 ad spots to promote your business(es).

You can use some of the ads spots to promote your business and sell the rest.

This creates additional revenue for you in the form of retail advertising sales and allows you to make considerable income without every signing up someone to be in your downline. Of course, if they decide they would like their own account t0 run their own ads, that creates even more residual income for you!

Simple. Easy. Profitable.

Banner Advertising

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