New Site Alert!!!!


getimgNew Site Alert!!!!

Our very first Mailer! Click the banner and join us today!

Pre-Launch Special: Lifetime Emerald Founders for only $29.00 Lifetime.  Get 6000 credits/6000 banner imps/6000 text imps every month for life!

Emerald Founders mail 4 times a day.

Earn 65% Commissions on all referral upgrades and sales. That means residual commissions on all monthly upgrades.

Pre-Launch Special: Lifetime Gold Founders for only $15.00 Lifetime.
Get 3000 credits/3000 banner imps/3000 text imps every month for life!

Gold Founder Mail 3 times a day.

Earn 60% Commissions on all referral upgrades and sales.
That means residual commissions on all monthly upgrades.

Join FREE today and take the OTO.

Be sure not to click off that page or you will miss this once in a lifetime offer!

Gold memberships are $29/monthly inside.

Emerald memberships are $39 /monthly inside.

Click the banner and join us now!




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Follow the Golden Path

The Ad Labyrinth Empire is proud to announce the launch of seven new traffic exchanges in our network.  Click the banners below to sign up to each one of them.

Follow the Golden Path that holds
the Key to Hidden Marketing Success.

All these traffic exchanges have promo codes that unleash awesome ad packs for new members.

So JOIN FREE TODAY and check them out!!!

Home Biz Cash Ads will make it easy to crank out commissions. You will think you have a money machine in your computer. Promote with this site’s dynamic multi-level commission rates and start earning your share of the affiliate pie today! Build a downline and increase your earnings potential.

Pay close attention to the dynamic jam packed OTO and Login Offers. They are loaded with ads, points and monumental savings! All these sites have the Powersolo Network. Get two free supersolos on each site to check them out.  If you like the results, the supersolos are for sale on each traffic exchange.

Welcome to the Ad Labyrinth Empire! We are really excited to have you here with us. May your business endeavors be successful.

Cheryl and Rickey Gardner

Mountain Spirit Ads

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Put a magic splash in your advertising.

Jump right in for a magic splash in your advertising.Who needs more ways to advertise? Who wants to earn commissions for referring others? Our new TAE pays commissions to all members on multiple levels. Join a network that will give you powerful advertising leverage.


Join FREE today by entering your email below. Use the Promo Code “make a splash” for a free ad pack that includes two free Powersolos and 500,000 points.


Completing this form confirms you wish to receive email communications. You can securely opt-out at any time. I agree to give Cheryl Gardner permission to send me future emails. I understand I can opt-out at any time in the future.

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Email Marketing System

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Get One Million Points on Signup

Robotic Clone Matrix has

just launched and it’s HOT!

This is the latest site in the Ad Labyrinth Empire. It’s part of the Traffic Matrix Network. To date, we have 25 Sites planned for this network. (The Ad Labyrinth Empire has multiple networks.)

As soon as these 25 sties are launched and they each have at least 100 members, we will be adding a new supersolo network. This network will be unique to these sites but will welcome outside traffic ad exchanges to join this network to become part of the traffic matrix.

Help us build this dynamic network of sites and benefit from multiple ways to advertise, earn great commissions, earn on multiple levels and leverage the power of a network of sites.

Members who promote earn bonus ads, bonus points and even FREE SUPER JVS.

We have one member who has been promoting in our sites that has earned two free Super JVs so far …on top of his commissions.

So join the team!

Place your ads here for your other sites and offers. Then go out into the vast marketing realm and plug our sites!! It will be worth your while.

Take a look at the great commission levels on our network of sites then imagine the earnings you could be receiving.

To your success,

Rickey and Cheryl Gardner

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Brand New FREE Text Ad Exchange

We are super excited about our new release of this totally FREE text ad exchange.   In order to access this amazing free offer, all we ask is that you sign up to our optin form so we can send you instructions for this site. It is a fun experiment for us to be offering a totally free text ad exchange.  This journey will be filled with neat incentives, promo codes, referral contests, tips, instructions for our marketing strategies for this site and some free downloads for you.

So please join us and claim your free advertising today!


A Text Ad Exchange that is totally FREE!
Sign up Today for your Free Access

Completing this form confirms you wish to receive email communications. You can securely opt-out at any time. I agree to give Cheryl Gardner permission to send me future emails. I understand I can opt-out at any time in the future.

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Angelic Vortex has supersolos!

This is exciting news for us! Angelic Vortex has a new look with the BalBri Tae Script. The site now has supersolos available.


Join FREE as a JV and use the Promo Code “angels wings” for a new member welcome ad pack. Also, use the Promo Code

“free supersolos”

for two free ones to let you experience the power of super solo marketing.

Hurry! This offer is only good for the first 200 members!!!!

See our awesome OTO and Login Offer packages.

See you inside,

Cheryl and Rickey Gardner

Mountain Spirit Ads

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Traffic Matrix is Back!


Great News Everyone! The Traffic Matrix is back and its better than ever. We tweaked the design a little bit, purchased a new domain name, changed servers and set up commissions for ad sales on three levels. Everyone can earn here!

Tell your friends and neighbors to join free then upgrade inside. A little short on funds and can’t afford to upgrade right now? Well then, promote our site as a Pro and earn commissions for upgraded referrals and all ad sales on three levels. YES, PROS earn commissions!!!

See you in the Traffic Matrix.

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Traffic Matrix being moved due to Server Crash

Hi everyone! We have some bad news and some good news. The bad news is that we rented space on a backup server and started building sites over there. One of those sites was Traffic Matrix – which is one of our hottest new Founder Sites. In fact, it is the first in a series of 25 that we were building on that new server.

It turned out that the server could not handle the traffic exchange bandwidth and the super solos. Too bad for us. The other bad news is that it did a total reset when we were trying to update the files in Traffic Matrix and to change the numbers for phase two of the three-tiered founders program. The reset wiped out the script pages entirely and reset back to the date December 31, 1969. We tried desperately to retrieve the script files and get it back up and no avail. It was completely wiped out.

The good news is this: we had a database in php backed up with all the information included for all member names, data, ads, commissions, etc. The hard part is in transferring all this information. Since the graphics and banners were saved on our computer, that was not a problem. So, we purchased space on another server, uploaded the script, bought a new domain to host this network of sites and moved the images, banners then started inputting the members names and information.

Much to our dismay, the package sold to us by Hostgator, would not allow us to set up traffic exchanges. A second time we were really bummed out. This was a lot of work! What happens is that when a member clicks an ad, instead of seeing points and a timer, they see Hostgator on the header. That just won’t do.

More good news, we are in the process of moving all 25 sites to our old trusty overworked server that never fails us.

Give us about five days and we should be back in business building the Traffic Matrix Network.

Thank you all for your patience.
Cheryl and Rickey Gardner

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Ad Pack Heaven Special

Buy your first AD Pack right here, right now.

Buy the AD Pack, then join this site free. There is a fantastic alternate Login Offer to upgrade to a Super JV. You can opt to buy it now instead of the ad pack below.

Click the support button on the left side bar – once you log in to this site – to let us know that you purchased your Ad Pack or email us at to let us know you completed your sign up. 

Ad Pack Heaven Special Offer

  • 1 Million Points
    30 Solos
    30 Banners with 3000 Views
    30 Button Banners with 3000 Views
    30 Hot Links with 3000 Views
    30 Traffic Links with 3000 Views
    30Login Ads with 3000 Views
    5 PTC Ads with 50 Views
    5 Hot Header Ads with 3000 Views
  • 2 Top Navigation Ads
  • 2 Bottom Navigation Ads
    12 Blank Set N Forget Solo Mails (3x a week for 4 weeks)
    3 Bonus Ads

Get it all for only $10.00!!!
Click the Paypal Button Below.

 Join Free then BE SURE to put in a Support Ticket  after you join to request your upgrade. It will be done manually. Please allow up to 72 hours to have the ad pack placed. (We have 170 sites)

Have any questions? Or want another way to contact us? Email us at

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