The Art Of Professional Conduct


Something that can so very easily be overlooked in the world of online marketing, whether it be as a marketer looking for leads or whether it be as a site owner looking to expand your business is the fact that you ALWAYS need to conduct yourself Professionally

It sounds like such a basic concept but many people just don’t realize how important it truly is, it’s something that can make or break your business and can truly be the difference between overwhelming success, and MASSIVE failure.

So the question you are now going to be asking is just what is Professional Conduct?

From the point of view of myself as a website owner it is something which is very simple   Treat everyone with respect and dignity

  • Always have patience and display understanding
  • Be open to receiving feedback whether it be good or bad, you don’t have to change anything as a result of it, though always respond with Professional Courtesy
  • Remember that everyone has the potential to become a paying customer if they are not already
  • Only ever deal with FACTS, there’s no need to talk rubbish in online marketing, people respect you a lot more when you are simply open and honest with them!
  • And probably most importantly, NEVER insult or criticize other website owners or their websites or your members. 

This maybe a 2 or 3 part article, so enjoy.