The Truth About Email Marketing


Truth, it’s something which can be very elusive especially in the big bad world that is the internet, but what is the truth regarding High IQ Mailer?

We want all of you as our members to know and understand our goals, to be able to market effectively and see past hype, lies, slander and blatant greed

What is our goal?:  Put simply, our goal is to educate you all and provide you with real facts about marketing, that is the reason why we called the site High IQ Mailer, and the reason why our membership levels are Student, Graduate & Professor.

Knowledge is the key to success, but you will only ever be truly successful if you trust yourself and your own abilities, we want to give you a helping hand along the way, and if you’ve read our other articles on the site we hope that you can see that we are trying to do just that.

Our Opinion Of Other Mailer Sites:  That is something that really shouldn’t be of any bearing on anything at all, of course there are many mailer sites that I am a member of and use regularly, likewise, there are many that I don’t like, but the thing is, that is just my opinion.� The worst mailer in the world to me could be the best thing since sliced bread to someone else.� For that reason you will see that I am very selective over which sites I place in the Downline Builder and whom I decide to partner with, I can say openly I would never openly support any site where I doubted the trustworthiness of the owner.

All I will say as I have said in my other articles, at High IQ Mailer we provide you with honest genuine facts, it’s up to you whether you want to take this information and advice on board, but it is the Truth which would be backed up and supported by a great many marketing experts the world over!

And what about the opinions of other site owners about High IQ Mailer?� Well to be completely honest, it’s not something I particularly care about.� And I’m not saying that to try and appear cocky or arrogant, it’s because I know the only reason site owners would really want to criticize us is because they are scared of the implications on their site through the truths that we expose.  More later about email marketing and professional conduct.