When You Start a Business, Take Action!


wahm-2As an analogy, let’s look at a pencil. A pencil is a tool that we can use for many things that primarily involve writing. However a pencil will just sit there and do nothing unless we pick it up and start writing. It is useless otherwise. Only when we use it to take action is it fulfilling it’s highest purpose and benefitting us in the process.

Conversely, if we don’t use it, is it the pencil that is bad? Can we blame the pencil for our failure to take action? (nope) The same principle applies when we are talking about your home business. There are plenty of resources available to us to use online, much of the time freely. Of course they do nothing for us unless we use them. We are responsible to take action and make use of the tools we need to succeed.

Another analogy to consider when it comes to taking responsibility is your parents. They ‘brought you into the world’ and fed and raised you until you could take care of yourself. They have hopefully done their best to give you what you need to get started in life. All of that said, this does not make them responsible for your success or failure beyond the influence whether positive or negative that they may have had.

It’s all about what you do with what you have. You are the only one that is truly responsible for your life and business, so if your home business fails, don’t blame your parents, your sponsor, your programs or the government. An attitude of gratitude along with a healthy dose of self-determination to take full charge in your home business will always lead you to greater success.  So a person with a plan and the right tools to do it with then if you find the right niche to base your business on then maybe you’ll succeed with your online business.  An online business is a lot like life trial and error till you get it right.  So you also need an autoresponder that will help you get started finding traffic where you’ll get sales for your business.  Traffic Wave is one the bigger autresponders out there.  You’ll get a 30-day trial period to see if it meets your needs and it has a lot of good info in the back office area so you can learn all about it.  Here’s the link to look it up on the internet, TrafficWave.net.